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F.D. Doc ® is pleased to announce the availability of the manual: "Your Town" Fire Department Respiratory Protection Program. This manual is a complete Respiratory Protection Program that meets, and exceeds, the OSHA, 29 CFR 1910.134 mandate to "…establish and implement a written respiratory protection program …" (pg. 1271, column 2, Federal Register / Vol. 63. No. 5/ Thursday, January 8, 1998/ Rules and Regulations).

The manual is divided into 12 chapters that contain all of the paperwork and model forms your fire department needs to come into immediate compliance with OSHA 29 CFR 1910.134 requirement for a written respiratory protection program. If your current form(s) are compliant, simply remove the supplied form and substitute your own.

Each manual is custom printed with the name of your Fire Department on all appropriate pages. Each manual includes:

If you do not have the time or the manpower to formalize a written program, this manual is what you need! The manual is available for $275.00 and includes shipping and handling. An all Volunteer Fire Department receives a $25 discount. Order forms and contact information are available at: http://www.FD-Doc.com/order.htm This manual is also available through the National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) (http://www.nvfc.org) at the same price, with a portion of the proceeds going to the NVFC.

Please check with your state agency to determine if there are any more stringent requirements imposed beyond the Federal regulations (29 CFR 1910.134).

About Charles E. Truthan, D.O., F.A.C.O.F.P.

Charles E. Truthan, DO, FACOFP, Diplomate of the American Osteopathic Board of Family Physicians, Fellow in the American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians. Since 1973, Dr. Truthan has been an active participant in Fire and Emergency Medical Services. Dr. Truthan 's interest in medicine first began after he joined the Willoughby Hills (Ohio) Fire Department as a volunteer in 1973. Since that time, he has completed training in: Fire Fighter level 1 and 2, EMT-Ambulance, EMT-Intermediate, EMT-Paramedic, EMT Instructor, State of Ohio Fire Safety Inspector, Heavy Rescue, EVOC, Water Rescue, ACLS, BCLS, ATLS, ACLS Instructor, BCLS Instructor, BTLS Instructor, Member- Board of Directors for Wisconsin BTLS. He has also served with the Ottawa Hills (Ohio) FD, Springfield Twp. (Ohio) FD, The Plains (Ohio) EMS, The City of Cleveland (Ohio) EMS, Lake Delton (Wisconsin) FD. Currently, he is the Medical Director for the Cascade Charter Township (Michigan) Fire Department. Due to an injury that halted his active clinical practice in 1996, Dr. Truthan has returned full-time to his Fire Service roots by assisting Fire Departments in complying with the regulations of 29 CFR 1910.134

During his Family Practice Residency, Dr. Truthan served as the Medical-Safety Director of the first Quad City (Iowa) Air Show. The manual he wrote, encompassed all fire, safety and disaster planning for the show, and is still in use today. Upon completion of his residency training, he served one year with the U.S. Public Health Service detailed to the U.S. Coast Guard. After that, he worked for two years in several Emergency rooms in central Wisconsin. He then served for two years as the Chief of Medical Services, Troop Medical Clinic #1, at Fort McCoy, Wisconsin. During that time, he dealt with Occupational Medicine, Family Medicine and Urgent Care. Dr. Truthan continues his commission in the U.S. Public Health Service and has served several short tours for the U.S. Coast Guard. He moved to Grand Rapids in December of 1993. There, he has practiced in Urgent Care, Occupational Medicine, Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine and was a flight physician with the local helicopter unit, until an injury in 1996 halted his full time clinical practice.

In addition to his Fire – EMS experience, Dr. Truthan also holds a Certificate in Medical Management from Tulane University and the American College of Physician Executives. He is past president of the Wisconsin Association of Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons, and of the Wisconsin Society of the American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians. Dr. Truthan currently serves on several committees at the state and national levels for Osteopathic Medicine. He also serves on the advisory board for the American Firefighter Magazine.

Dr. Truthan is the founder of F.D. Doc, P.C. and F.D. Doc Services, Inc.. Both companies provide occupational health services for Firefighters. In addition, Dr. Truthan has written a generic Respiratory Protection Program that is being co-marketed with the National Volunteer Fire Council. Dr. Truthan contributes articles regularly to Vinelines on-line Magazine (http://www.emergencygrapevine.com), TOES, and Los Angeles Firefighter.