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Respiratory Protection Program
For Firefighters


The Respiratory Protection Program is a comprehensive manual that meets the requirements of section (c) of 29 CFR 1910.134, the new OSHA Respiratory Protection Standard. The manual is patterned directly from section (c) of 1910.134.

The manual provides all the required documentation every Fire Department needs to meet compliance. The manual includes:

  • Overview of the current OSHA 1910.134 rules and regulations
  • Copy of 29 CFR 1910.134 corrected as of April 1998.
  • Tuberculosis: Overview, Guidelines, Procedures
  • Model forms for:
  1. Medical Questionnaire
  2. PLHCP (Physician or other Licensed Health Care Provider) Recommendation
  3. PLHCP Re-evaluation
  4. Firefighter Training records
  5. Monthly SCBA Inspection records
  6. OSHA Cleaning Procedure
  7. OSHA User Seal Check

The manual comes in a sturdy 3 ring binder with your Fire Department's name on the cover and on each page where appropriate. All you need to do is review the manual, sign and date the "Implementation" page, fill in the name of your program administrator and your Fire Department is now in compliance with the requirements for a written program!

Your purchase includes the right to copy any of the copyrighted forms for unlimited use within your Fire Department. If you damage or lose the master form, we will be happy to send you a free replacement for the next two years. After that, a small charge may apply.

Cost: $ 275.00 per manual [includes shipping and handling and one year of updates!]

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