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Mission Statement

All firefighters, volunteer or paid, serve the public by providing emergency services under some of the most dangerous and physically demanding of circumstances. They provide these services in all kinds of weather, often leaving the comfort of their homes and their families to render assistance. Until now, no one has been there to see to the health and safety of the firefighter themselves.

It is the mission of F.D. Doc® to provide occupational health services to those Firefighters and Fire Departments seeking our services. We shall strive to improve the health and therefore the safety, of the individual firefighter and thereby affect the health of the Fire Department and the communities they serve.

To that end, all personnel affiliated with F.D. Doc shall conduct themselves to the highest professional standards, as is befitting to the Firefighters, Fire Departments, and the Fire Service as a whole. At all times, we shall keep in mind that the safety and the lives of the Firefighters to whom we provide service are at stake. We shall seek the highest safety margin in all of our testing and services. All decisions shall be made to the conservative, toward the safety of the Firefighter.

F.D. Doc shall provide services that allow Fire Departments to comply with 29 CFR 1910.134 or their respective State's Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations.
F.D. Doc shall provide:

  1. Medical questionnaire screening
  2. A Respiratory Protection Program Manual

F.D. Doc. shall provide services that allow Fire Departments to have the highest quality at the most reasonable costs.
F.D. Doc shall provide and explain these services so that Fire Departments will understand what is required by regulations, what is optional, and what we believe to be the best.

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