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About the St. Florian Medal

St. Florian Medallion

St. Florian was an officer in the Roman army who courageously professed his Faith during the persecution of the Emperor Diocletian. After making a bold confession in the year 304, he was twice scourged, half-flayed alive, and finally thrown into the Enns River with a stone around his neck. His body, recovered and buried by a pious woman, was eventually removed to the Augustinian abbey of St. Florian. His body is said to have been moved to Rome at a later date.

In 1138, Pope Lucius III gave some of the saint's relics to King Casimir of Poland. Since that time St. Florian has been regarded as a patron of Poland. There has been great popular devotion of St. Florian in many parts of Central Europe, and the tradition of his martyrdom not far from the area where the Enns flows into the Danube is ancient and reliable. Many miracles of healing are attributed to his intercession. He is invoked as a powerful protector in danger from fire and water, therefore, he is the patron of firefighters.

Used with permission from Fireplug August 1998, Vol. 6 No. 3, pg. 39 "Chaplain's Corner" by Chaplain Michael Carr

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